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类别:诗歌 -  A Hearse Goes By

  A Hearse Goes By

  Too late till I see
  A hearse goes by
  On 278 West near Bulls Head
  I could not even recollect
  The emergency light
  And who was ahead

  Hit the brakes
  Or hit the gas?
  I uneasily hesitate
  And how much difference that makes
  Between my life and the death

  Through the windows I see the casket
  And flowers yellow, purple and red
  Sky is far, clouds are white
  Winds are as light as they can get
  I feel my heart heavy
  Just like the casket along my side

  Do we have the same destination ahead?
  The whole world become so quiet
  A bit blue, and a bit sad
  I never thought this much about death
  Till a hearse goes by


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